Apple Developers

Are you thinking of creating an iPhone app for one of your modules, or even for fun? KUCGS members can now get exclusive – and most importantly, free! – Apple Developer rights to the iOS developer centre.

Benefits of membership:

Apple Developers

  • Supports from Apple engineers – Apple Developer Program members are eligible to receive help such as technical support and code support, directly from Apple engineers in their products.
  • Apple Developer Library – The Apple Developer reference library provides developer news, technology releases, and technical information. As well, it provides Apple-authored technical documentation, a wide range of Software Development Kits, tools, and sample code.
  • Access to pre-release software – Another notable feature of the Apple Developer Program is the ability to receive pre-release software, most importantly pre-release versions of Apple’s own operating system, as well as other Apple software. Apple products are regularly seeded whenever a build occurs.
  • Invitations to exclusive workshops – Apple Developers receive invitations to exclusive workshops, and conferences about the latest technologies. Generally, the workshop is a demonstration of the latest Apple technology done by an Apple engineer.
  • iPhone SDK – Apple Developers can download the iPhone SDK in order to write applications targeting iOS. The iPhone SDK is available in all Apple Developer accounts, including free memberships.
  • Compatibility testing – The Apple Developer Program provides compatibility testing for new Applications. The compatibility testing centres are located in Cupertino, California; Tokyo, Japan; and Beijing, China. At the Cupertino campus alone, there are three separate labs which collectively have hundreds of Mac configurations, with several different third party peripherals.
  • Listing on the App Store – Apple Developer Program members are able to submit their applications to the Mac or iOS App Store, where they can either publish their application for free, or sell their product to end-users.

How to get it:

All you need is to be a paid member of the Kingston University Computer
Geeks Society (find out how to become a member here) then follow the instructions below.

  1. Email us on expressing your interest
  2. We’ll set it up for you and then you’ll get an email from the control panel confirming your account details
  3. You start creating the next best seller apps. Simple!